The Kingdom of Nlad

Location. The south-central portion of the continent of Amrica, bordered on the north and east by the Mountains of Nlad, the south by the Bay Of Hork and the Gulf of Mexico, and the west by the Rocky Mountains. Countries bordering it include the Dwardarf, Milkland, Riverland, and several small states located within valleys in the Rockies.

Population. About a million, mostly Humans, but with a smattering of Elves, half-Elves, and Dwarves, mostly in the northern areas.

Geography. Flat to gently rolling lands, sloping gradually to the south. Mostly covered with deciduous forest and meadow, except where cultivated.

Climate. Temperate. Mild winters and warm summers, though many old timers maintain that the winters are more harsh now than they used to be.

Government. Feodality. Hereditary King. Ormund II has ruled since 1335. Capital is the City of Hork.

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