Earth - political divisions as of 1372TA

Old Earth

New Earth

General notes: Since the collapse of Saltar some 600 years past the political situation in Amrica has been unusually stable. The fall of the Empire left the remaining strongholds of civilisation - especially west of the Mississippi River - separated from each other by large tracts of wilderness, which served as buffer zones between competing states and minimized conflicts. With the continuing influx of evil creatures out of the north, however, this tranquil period appears to be coming to a close.


  • Government: Feodality.

    Capital: Eltessa.

    Religious pantheons: elven.

    Major alignment: CG

    Allies: Dorian.

    Notes: The major kingdom of the High Elves in Amrica. Surrounded on all sides by high mountain ranges, their land accessable through only a few well-guarded passes, the elves of Aldacan are an insular lot, who care little for the affairs of the rest of the world. Some outsiders refer to them as being downright xenophobic.

Ar'Razam, Free City of.

  • Government: Magocracy.

    Population: human: 22,000.

    • demi-humans: few.

      humanoids: few.

      Wizards: few.

    Capital: Ar'Razam (pop. 22,000).

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish, Rhior Power.

    Major alignment: N.

    Allies: Nebraska.

    Notes: Originally founded by humans wishing to learn of magic from the True Wizards of the nearby Wizard's Tower. It remains the major centre for learning and magic.

Barry, Barony of.

  • Government: Feudal.

    Population: human: 50,000.

    • demi-human: few.

      humanoid: none.

    Capital: Pakiport.

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish.

    Major alignment: LG.

    Allies: Principality of Peter.

    Notes: Another former province of Saltar. The lawful ethos of this kingdom so suffocates the populace with rules and regulations that it is not even able to win a war with its chaotic and disorganised enemies.

Bridgewater, Free Town of.

  • Government: Plutocracy.

    Capital: Bridgewater (pop. 900).

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish.

    Major alignment: LG, CG

    Allies: none.

    Notes: Located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Sohio Rivers, it was a stratiegic city during the time of the Empire of Saltar. When Nolthen was overrun the Empire abandoned it, and with the decline in trade across the lands much of the city has been left in ruins. Nevertheless, the Great Bridge remains intact, though the tolls to cross it are high.

Campney, Kingdom of.

  • Government: Kingdom.

    Population: human: 65,000.

    • demi-human: few.

      humanoid: few.

    Capital: Monza City (pop. 60,000)

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish.

    Major alignment: CN.

    Allies: Kingdom of Carroll.

    Notes: A former province of Saltar, it wars frequently with the neighbouring Barony of Barry and the Principality of Peter. The last such war was fought in 1365 with inconclusive results.

Carroll, Kingdom of.

  • Government: Kingdom.

    Population: human: 14,000.

    • demi-human: few.

      humanoid: none.

    Capital: Jillville.

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish, Greek, Egyptian.

    Major alignment: CG.

    Allies: Kingdom of Campney.

    Notes: Another old province of Saltar.


  • Government: Kingdom.

    Population: human: few.

    • demi-human: Grey elves: 6800, High elves: 1100, Sylvan elves: 1100, other: 1400.

      humanoid: none.

    Capital: The Havens (pop. 4500).

    Religious pantheons: Non-human (elves).

    Major alignment: CG.

    Allies: Aldacan.

    Notes: The major kingdom of the Grey Elves.

Greyport, Free City of.

  • Government: Democracy.

    Population: human: 15,000.

    • demi-human: 35,000.

      humanoid: none.

    Capital: Greyport (pop. 30,000).

    Religious pantheons: Non-human (elves), Norse, Finnish.

    Major alignment: NG/CG.

    Allies: Dorian.

    Notes: A cosmopolitan trading state located just outside of the southern border of Dorian. A very informal place.

Happy Valley.

  • Government: Feodality.

    Population: human: 10,000.

    • demi-human: 1000.

      humanoid: few.

    Capital: Yna Sur (pop. 3500).

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish.

    Major alignment: N(G).

    Allies: Ar'Razam.

    Notes: Since the stronghold of the hill giants near Yip Yowee was cleared circa 1345, this country has been comparatively quiet. Starting in 1368, though, raids by giants are becoming more frequent again.

Imperial Portugual.

  • Government: Empire.

    Population: human: 7.

    • demi-human: 14.

      humanoid: none.

    Capital: Guardian Ford Fort.

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish.

    Major alignment: NG.

    Allies: Nolthen.

    Notes: Founded in 1364 by a retired adventurer, whose intention it was to restore the Guardian Ford Fort and clear the surrounding countryside of evil. However, Imperial Portugual came under the control of Nolthen in 1371.


  • Government: Confederacy.
  • Population:
  • Capital: Hobbitown (pop. 600).

    Religious pantheons: Non-human (halfling).

    Major alignment: LG.

    Allies: Nlad, Amlad.

    Notes: The kingdom of the Halflings. Founded in 100TA, as the Empire of Saltar was weakening, it was one of the better prepared regions when it collapsed completely in 600. The halflings were neutral during the civil wars, but have since cultivated close relations with Nad.

Nebraska, Federation of.

  • Government: Republic.

    Population: human: 50,000.

    • demi-human: 1000.

      humanoid: none.

    Capital: Omaha (pop. 50,000).

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish.

    Major alignment: NG.

    Allies: Ar'Razam.

    Notes: A former major city of Saltar, now a fairly prosperous city-state. The last major city before the Northern Wilderness.

Norvar, Free Principality of.
  • Government: Kingdom.

    Population: human: 1200.

    • demi-human: 800.

      humanoid: some.

    Capital: Nitvitville (pop. 300).

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish, non-human.

    Major alignment: NG.

    Allies: Dorian, Where Evil Lurks.

    Notes: Founded by refugees fleeing the devastation of the War of the Stones, many from the Wizard's Valley. Elves from the South (some from as far away as the Enchanted Valley) have also moved into the area.

Peter, Principality of.

  • Government: Dictatorship.

    Population: human: 8000.

    • demi-human: few.

      humanoid: 1000.

    Capital: Egotown.

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish, non-human, Greek, Egyptian.

    Major alignment: LN.

    Allies: Barony of Barry.

    Notes: Another example of a country that is choked by its own laws. Its ruler, His Eminancy, Peter, President for Life (and then some), died in 1342. However, since no mechanism was left for his successor to be named, the large bureaucracy continues to take direction from him through speak with the dead spells.

Riverdale, Free Town of.

  • Government: Syndicracy

    Capital: Riverdale (pop. 700)

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish.

    Major alignment: N.

    Allies: Nolthen.

    Notes: A free town on the Sohio River, it was annexed by Nolthen in 1371.

Riverland. (M31)

  • Government: Syndicracy.

    Capital: End (pop. 5500).

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish, Nehwon.

    Major alignment: N.

    Allies: Nlad.

    Notes: Located near the mouth of the Mississippi River where it is crossed by the Imperial Road, Riverland is still an important trading centre. Much trade still flows between Saltar and Nlad along the Road, and Riverland acts as a buffer between the two powerful states, though it is closer to the latter.

Saltar, Empire of.

  • Government: Feudal Monarchy.


    Capital: Atlantia (pop. 20,000).

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish, Nehwon, Greek, Egyptian, Cthulu.

    Major alignment: N.

    Allies: None.

    Notes: Founded in 71,000SA by exiles from the Ptarton Empire. With off-planet technology, a vast empire reaching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains and from Mestom to the Northern Vales was built. Eventually the technology declined, but with the ascendancy of Magic the Empire survived and thrived. The Empire rached its peak in 80,000SA (= 0TA). In the year 500TA there was civil war, which led to the founding of the Kingdom of Nlad, and Saltar went into decline. In 610, the Wizard Imrimil occupied Cloudy Mountain and took the rich province of Nolthen. Shortly after that the northeastern provinces and counties began to split off...becoming what are now known as the Small Kingdoms. In 1000 the Grey Wizards occupied Washtn. In 1015, Riverland declared its independence. Now, only the original core of Saltar remains., but it is still the most powerful nation of Men on the continent. However, the people have become introverted, isolationist and decadent. A long succession of weak Emperors only made the problems worse. Most Barons were only nominally vassals of the Emperor, and acted more like completely independent rulers in their own right. This situation seemed to change when the weak Emperor Alfred LVI was assassinated by agents unknown late in 1371. The country was engulfed in civil war, with the victor emerging in June 1372. This was Clarvis I, Baron of Arble Province. Immediately upon being crowned, the new Kha-Khan Emperor announced that Saltar was reclaiming all of its lost lands and territories, and to back this up he ordered a general mobilisation.

Sincity, Free State of (M85).

  • Government: Syndicracy.

    Population: human: 15,000.

    • demi-human: 3600.

      humanoid: 1300.

    Capital: Sincity (pop. 10,000).

    Religious pantheons: Norse, Finnish, Central American, non-human.

    Major alignment: N(CG).

    Allies: Demi-humans to north and east. Maintained cordial but distant relations with the old regime in Mestom.

    Notes: The people of this city are mainly concerned with business and trade. Merchant vessels from Sincity are a common sight along the west coast of the continent, and are also seen as far east as Mobile in Saltar. Sincity maintains gold and silver mines in the hills and moutains to the east, and is a major supplier of precious metals to the elven smiths of Dorian, Aldacan and Greyport. Laws are few and not always enforced. Due to the relaxed lifestyle and the proximity of the elven lands, the city has attracted a number of mid to high level magic users as residents. Its two schools of learning are renowned.

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