Interesting Characters

Akitrom, the Herzog: Ruler of Castle Greyhawk.

Angela: A paladin in the service of Yuri. Resides in Castle Yuri.

Angus: Son of Mraan the Steel Fisted, Dwarf Lord of Kludar, brother of McKeough, brother of McTavish.

Arthriss: A jeweler in Sandas, and a fence for the Thieve's Guild.

Belvor IV, King: The ruler of Furyondy, on Oerth.

Bijou: A high priest of Surma, nominal ruler of Frisco.

Billian, Lord: A noble of Casablanca, leader of that city's successful rebellion against Mestom, and its ruler afterwards. Also known as Lord Targon.

Clarvis: Emperor of Saltar, crowned in 1372.

Eclavdra: A drow high priestess.

Egobert: The last king of Nlad. Ascended the throne upon the death of his father, Ormund, in 1374.

Elgar: An acolyte at the church of Tyr in Sandas.

Everet: A Chevalier of the Imperial Order of the Holy Rose, from the city of Puke.

Geerfang: Baronet of the Free Town of Inner Sanctum.

Gimlet son of Groin: The King of the Dwardarf.

Godfrey Goodbody/Badbody/Neutralbody: A human fighter, now retured.

Goldhine, King: The king of the High Elves of Aldacan.

Goodgulf Greyteeth III: A human necromancer.

Grim: A druid in the service of Sylvanus, originally from Toyoview.

Imrimil: An evil Wizard, ruler of Nolthen until 1374.

Jack the Giant Slayer: An intelligent sword owned by King Gimlet, Son of Groin. The de facto ruler of Dwardarf.

Jo-Owrn: A ranger lord of Omaha.

Kull: A fallen ranger lord, now owner of a brewery in Sandas.

Kylla: An agent of the temple of Votishal in Sandas.

Lauri, High Priestess: A cleric of Tyr, originally from Demon's Neck.

Leanna: A magic user, originally from Krynn.

Leslie, Lady: A ranger lord, originally from Strabath.

Lita: A High Priestess of Mielikki in Sandas.

Luthus: A half elf, owner and innkeeper of the Inn of the Drunken Dwarf.

Malbar: A Lord from Furyondy.

Marnee: A cleric/fighter who resides at Stone Forge.

McKeough: Son of Mraan the Steel Fisted, Dwarf Lord of Kludar, brother of McTavish, brother of Angus.

McTavish: Son of Mraan the Steel Fisted, Dwarf Lord of Kludar, brother of McKeough, brother of Angus. A dwarf lord in his own right.

Melbut: A reputable jeweler in Sandas.

Melnar: An evil arch mage, former rival of Ray Jay, now deceased.

Ming: A half-elven magic user, henchman of Ray Jay.

Morg II: The Duke of Strabath.

Neemar XI: A dwarf lord, son of Marnee.

Norwald: The Baron of Sandas and the Borderlands.

Olbur: an evil high priest who occupied the deserted Tower of Golgar in 1347 and launched an unsuccessful war against Amlad in 1351.

Ormund II: King of Nlad since 1335. Died in autumn 1374 and succeeded by his son, Egobert.

Petras: Castellan of Borderland Keep, now deceased.

Ramage, Lord: A fallen lord from Sincity, he became the first mate of the Triton under the command of Niko. When Niko moved on he took over as captain of the ship, but it was sunk in 1373 in a hurricane and he and his crew were marooned on a desert island. Ramage was killed while trying to free the native population from the domination of a dragon and became a ju-ju zombie.

Ray Jay: An arch mage who resides in Sandas.

Razamataz: An arch mage and friend of Rockchin. Killed by the MAIN party in hell in 1370. His soul is imprisoned by Hecate for an eternity of torment. Shortly after his death his clone awakened on Earth. The clone turned away from evil but was strongly neutral and driven by a lust for power. He was the force behind the dragon and pirate attacks on the west coast in 1371. By 1372 he was advisor to Clarvis, the new Emperor of Saltar.

Rockchin: A fallen high priest of Thor who became a devil in the service of Set, now deceased.

Snurre, King: King of the fire giants in The Land of the Giants, slain by the MAIN group.

Umboth: A vassal of Imrimil, a vampire and Count of Brach Prol. Ruled from Castle Ugel. Slain by Farad in 1371.

Tiamatlet: An offspring of the dragon-devil Tiamat, ruler of Dragon Hill.

Tibia: High priestess of the Temple of Tyaa in the Borderlands.

Toobus: A high priest of Votishal in Sandas, deceased.

Valdar: A grey elf Lord of Dorian.

Vardui: A high elven necromancer, originally from Strabath.

Verona: A high priestess of Tyr in Sandas.

Waldo: A high priest of Odin, who resides at Castle Yuri.

Wazoo: A magician at the Sandas Guild of Magic Users.

Yuri The Incredible: A Paladin in the service of Odin. Resides in Castle Yuri.

Zeno: A young dwarf, guardian of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Zuggtmoy: An arch-demoness, patroness of fungi. Imprisoned in the Temple of Elemental Evil on Oerth in 569.

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